Give Your Trees Some TLC

Give Your Trees Some TLC

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Trees are an important part of your landscape. Not only do they make for better scenery, but they also prevent soil erosion and provide shade to your home. But overgrown trees can have the opposite effect.
TreeTop Tree Service provides routine tree trimming services to keep your yard in Grand Prairie, Irving or Arlington, TX looking great. We'll help maintain tree health and size by cutting back overhanging limbs, raising the canopy, trimming dead undergrowth and reshaping unruly shrubs.
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Tame your unruly trees



Overgrown trees not only distract from the natural beauty of your yard, but they can also cause significant damage to your property. Routine tree trimming can improve your landscape by:



  • Enhancing your curb appeal - getting rid of dead or damaged trees helps give your yard a well-kept appearance
  • Promoting healthier tree growth - removing diseased trees can keep out pests and prevent the disease from spreading
  • Reducing the risk of damage - cutting back branches from your rooftop and power lines will protect your property



No matter your tree pruning needs, trust us to beautify your yard and prevent property damage. Schedule our tree trimming Grand Prairie, Irving or Arlington, TX today.