Rid Your Property of Hazardous Trees

Rid Your Property of Hazardous Trees

With our professional tree removal service in Grand Prairie and Arlington, TX

Dead, damaged or overgrown trees are constant threats to your home and landscape. Don't take the risk of a tree falling on your home. TreeTop Tree Service provides safe and effective tree removal services in Grand Prairie and  Arlington, TX. Whether for safety or aesthetics, our experts can bring down any tree, of any size, anywhere on your property.
We'll provide a thorough tree assessment to determine the best approach and offer a free upfront tree removal estimate. Contact us today to learn more about our tree removal service in Grand Prairie and  Arlington, TX.

Check for problem trees in your yard

While trees are great for the environment and for your landscape, some trees just need to be removed. Turn to TreeTop Tree Service when you notice:

  • Trees have been damaged in a storm.
  • Branches are too close to power lines.
  • Roots are growing close to the surface.
  • Trees are ridden with rot or disease.
  • Trunks are growing crooked or leaning.

TreeTop Tree Service will remove your hazardous tree limb by limb, so the rest of your property remains intact. Schedule our tree removal service by calling 817-992-6670.