Make Your Lawn One to Admire

Make Your Lawn One to Admire

Hire us for tree health inspection or fertilization services in Grand Prairie, Irving and Arlington, TX

Many factors can affect tree health, and unhealthy trees are more likely to fall or cause damage to your property. Before your trees are overridden with disease or rot, turn to TreeTop Tree Service. We provide tree health inspection services for all types of trees throughout your property in Grand Prairie or Arlington, TX. We'll look for potential hazards and offer solutions that you can rely on.

Contact us to schedule a tree health inspection in Grand Prairie, Irving or Arlington, TX. Call 817-992-6670 today.

Grow a better yard



Your trees are living organisms and need to be cared for in order to thrive. TreeTop Tree Service cares for the health of trees so your yard looks great year after year. Our professionals can provide:



  • Tree health inspection - We'll check for a long list of potential issues and alert you to any red flags.
  • Tree disease diagnosis - From tree rot to fungal infections, we'll get down to the root of your tree problem.
  • Tree fertilization service - We can fertilize your lawn each year to promote healthier tree growth.



Allow your yard to bloom with our yearly tree fertilization service. Schedule a consultation today.