Land Clearing Services in Arlington, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Transform Your North Texas Property:
Land Clearing Services for Any Project

Heavy equipment clearing land for development.

Do you have a vision for your property? Whether you’re planning a new home, building a firebreak, or restoring wildlife habitat, our land clearing services can help you achieve your goals. We have the most capable modern land clearing equipment available anywhere!

Click this link for a few videos of our equipment in action!

We offer a variety of services to tackle any land clearing project, big or small:

  • Tree Removal: Safely and efficiently remove unwanted trees of any size.
  • Brush Clearing: Eliminate overgrown brush and undergrowth to create usable space.
  • Stump Grinding: Grind down remaining stumps to create a smooth, level surface.
  • Fence Line Clearing: Whether new installs or existing fences, we can clear them all.
  • Site Preparation: Prepare your land for construction projects, driveways, or landscaping. We also offer building demolition services.
  • Selective Clearing: Carefully remove specific trees while preserving desired ones. We can perform a Tree Survey on your property to help identify protected trees.

We take pride in our commitment to:

  • Safety: Our experienced and insured crews prioritize safety on every job.
  • Efficiency: We use the latest equipment and techniques to clear your land quickly and effectively.
  • Sustainability: Whenever possible, we recycle or reuse cleared materials to minimize environmental impact.
Men on land an ASV and Bobcat.

Heavy equipment clearing trees from a road.

Considering Land Clearing? Here’s what TreeTop Tree Service can do for you:

  • Free Consultation: Our experts will visit your property to assess your needs and recommend the best course of action.
  • Competitive Quotes: We offer transparent pricing so you can make informed decisions.
  • Permits and Regulations: We can help you navigate any necessary permits or regulations.
  • Project Completion: We leave your land clean, level, and ready for your next project.

Don’t let unwanted brush and trees hold your project back.

Contact us today at 817-992-6670 to discuss your land clearing needs and get a free quote!

Yanmar land clearing machine.

RT-135 Land clearing machine.

Man on a Tigercat land cleaning marching.